All athletes will be grouped for training purposes. Your group will be composed of other runners that roughly match your current running ability and your present state of training. Grouping will be done by reviewing the survey you fill out that tells us your times for the different distances and what type of shape you are in when you arrive at camp. Your coach will assist in this grouping process if they attend camp. Each day after your workouts the counselors who supervise your workouts may move you to a more appropriate group. You may also ask the counselor to move you to a more appropriate group. Although a runner's ability and needs determine training groups, members of the same team are both welcomed and encouraged to attend. There will be at least one collegiate or elite athlete for every seven(7) campers. You will be able to train and interact with some of the best runners in the United States. There will be two training sessions per day (only one of which is mandatory) at a variety of locations, including local parks, dirt trails, and nature parks with running trails.
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