Training Theory

Discussions of recent training theory will allow all runners and coaches to gain an
understanding of how they may best train for all high school cross country and track

distance races.
Heart Rate Monitors and Energy Systems

Heart rate monitors will be demonstrated and utilized to insure proper training intensity
to help prevent burnout, injuries and running junk mileage, both now and later in the

athlete's career.
Goal Setting

The importance of setting goals and how to attain them during the upcoming season
and beyond will be discussed.

Sports Psychology
This session will introduce the runner to the most important aspect of "the athlete"-- the


The fuels that feed your energy systems and how to care for and maintain your body at
its highest level for peak performance will be discussed.

Care & Prevention of Injuries

 Through individual consultation and presentations by the staff personnel, runners can
learn more specifically about their present and past injuries as well as other running
related injuries and how to both care for and prevent them.

Stretching and Proper Shoe Selection

The two leading causes of injuries in all runners both will be discussed and
demonstrated at length.

Race Tactics
Runners will be introduced to various racing tactics and strategies for all distance races
at all levels of competition.

Biomechanics and Form Analysis

Each runner will be videotaped shortly after arrival and time will be set aside to review
each camper's segment with the goal of highlighting the efficiencies and correcting the

inefficiencies of his/her biomechanics.  These corrections will be stressed and
demonstrated daily during training runs and at other appropriate times.

Hydro-training/Aqua Jogging
Runners learn how to utilize the pool as a training resource during learn-by-doing pool

Cross Training

Runners practice and learn about the benefits of working out in ways that compliment
their running to achieve overall fitness and strength.

Weight/Circuit Training for Distance Runners
Proper weight training techniques will be demonstrated and training will be organized to
help the athlete reach his/her full athletic potential.

Recruiting and the College Experience

Discussions led by our staff who compete or coach at all collegiate levels. They will
provide a variety of viewpoints on the ins and outs of intercollegiate athletics and

Running Beyond College

Discussions led by our post-collegiate staff will offer insight into the possibility of running
after graduating from college.

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